From a simple oil change to a complete engine overhaul, we’ve got it all covered. Our vastly experienced team use all their invaluable technical knowledge alongside the latest equipment and software to ensure your vehicle is diagnosed and repaired as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. No matter how mysterious the fault, we have the expertise to find it, and find it fast.


They’re some of the hardest working parts in your car and it’s not always obvious if there’s a fault due to gradual wear and tear from potholes and Britain’s far from perfect roads. We’re well-versed in all aspects of suspension repair and replacement, as well as being adept at fine-tuning your setup to optimise it for ride quality and comfort, or fast road handling or race use. And the sheer adjustability of a Lotus suspension means there’s a multitude of possibilities available.


Safety is always our top priority, and never more so when dealing with any brake issues. We’re skilled in all aspects of braking system diagnosis and repair and offer a variety of high performance upgrades including: 4-pot calipers, more durable pads, carbon discs and complete kits. So no more brake fade during your next track day outing.


With increasing amounts of technology packed into our cars, electrical repairs are becoming more common. Whether you just need a simple coil pack replaced, or an intricate wire harness installed, we’ve got the wide-ranging skills to do both with ease. And our know-how extends beyond technical bulletins and time-consuming troubleshooting. Our collective experience means there’s virtually no electrical fault we haven’t encountered and fixed.


Whether it’s your gearbox, linkages, clutch, differential or driveshaft that needs fixed, we have the expertise and the tools to sort it out. Manual, semi-automatic or automatic. All makes and models. Diagnosis, repair, rebuild, refit and test – we do it all.

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